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OEE overall equipment efficiency

OEE overall equipment efficiency is a simple and practical production management tools in the manufacturing sector in Europe and the United States has been widely used index of overall equipment efficiency has become an important measure of production efficiency standards, is TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) is an important practices.涓轰簡鎺ㄥ姩鎴戝浗宸ヤ笟淇℃伅鍖栫殑杩涚▼锛屽湪鎴戝浗鎺ㄥ箍OEE鐨勭鐞嗙悊蹇碉紝浠庤?浣挎洿澶氫紒涓氬彈鐩婏紝鐗规挵鍐欐鏂囥? This article discusses the concept of OEE and its role.

聽聽聽 1銆佸紩 鍏?br />
With the increasingly fierce market competition, the manufacturer is to have sustainable access to high economic efficiency, maximize and improve the mining

聽聽聽 鐢熶骇杞﹂棿鐨勭敓浜ф晥鐜囨樉寰楁瀬鍏堕噸瑕侊紝鍦ㄦ煇浜涙柟闈紝瀹冪敋鑷虫垚涓轰紒涓氭槸鍚﹀彲浠ヨ耽鍒╃殑鍐冲畾鎬у洜绱犮? However, the manufacturing industry, the seemingly well-functioning production plant does not actually work to the best possible equipment and the value of the operator there is a big improvement, it gives the company tremendous loss. To solve this problem, the international manufacturing industry is concerned the efficiency of the global device (OEE) concept.

2, OEE definition

聽聽聽 涓?埇锛屾瘡涓?釜鐢熶骇璁惧閮芥湁鑷繁鐨勬渶澶х悊璁轰骇鑳斤紝瑕佸疄鐜拌繖涓?骇鑳藉繀椤讳繚璇佹病鏈変换浣曞共鎵板拰璐ㄩ噺鎹熻?銆?Of course, the actual production is not possible to meet this requirement, due to many factors, workshop equipment failure is substantial: for example, through equipment failure addition, alignment, and complete replacement of equipment in addition, the performance is very low when the device may affect productivity, resulting in defects, rework, etc..

聽聽聽 OEE鏄竴涓嫭绔嬬殑娴嬮噺宸ュ叿锛屽畠鐢ㄦ潵琛ㄧ幇瀹為檯鐨勭敓浜ц兘鍔涚浉瀵逛簬鐞嗚浜ц兘鐨勬瘮鐜囥? International on the OEE is defined as: OEE is Overall Equipment Effectiveness (overall equipment efficiency) of the abbreviation, it is by the availability, performance and quality index of three key elements, namely:
OEE = Availability X Performance X Quality Index.

Of which:
聽聽聽 鍙敤鐜?鎿嶄綔鏃堕棿 / 璁″垝宸ヤ綔鏃堕棿

It is used to take into account the losses caused by downtime, including downtime caused by planned production occurred in any event, such as equipment failures, material shortages and changes in production methods, etc..

Performance = Ideal Cycle Time / (operating time / total) = (production / operating time) / production rate

Performance considerations of loss of production speed. Including any lead to the production can not be run at maximum speed factors, such as wear and tear of equipment, material failure and operator error, etc..

聽聽聽 璐ㄩ噺鎸囨暟=鑹搧/鎬讳骇閲?br />
Mass index into account the loss of quality, it does not meet the quality requirements to reflect the products (including rework of products).

Use one of the most important objective of OEE is to reduce the existence of six general manufacturing losses: stop loss, Dress debugging loss, loss of suspended aircraft, slowing the loss, the loss and start the process of defective during normal operation of production losses arising from defective.涓嬮潰琛ㄦ牸鏄叚澶ф崯澶辩殑璇存槑鍙婂叾涓嶰EE鐨勫叧绯伙細

3, OEE calculation example

We give an example to illustrate the calculation of OEE:
Equipment located in a working day time 8h, classes planned downtime before 15min, downtime 30min, equipment adjustment 25min, product cycle theory of processing 0.6 min / piece, one day total of 450 processed products, there are 20 pieces of junk, find the station equipment OEE.

According to the above known:
Program running time = 8x60-15 = 465 (min)
Actual running time = 465-30-25 = 410 (min)
聽聽聽 鏈夋晥鐜?410/465=0.881(88.1%)
聽聽聽 鐢熶骇鎬婚噺=410(浠?
The actual running time of the ideal speed x = 1/0.6 x 410 = 683
Performance = 450/683 = 0.658 (65.8%)
聽聽聽 璐ㄩ噺鎸囨暟=锛?50鈥?0锛?450=0.955(95.5%)
OEE = efficiency x Performance x Quality Index = 55.4%

OEE system according to the data provided, you can easily know what problems the factory, for example, if you are efficient at a certain time is very low, indicating the six losses and OEE in the rate of loss can be related to too much trouble , then, clearly, you should focus on these areas to improve it!鍚屾牱锛屽鏋滆川閲忔寚鏁版垨鑰呰〃鐜版?瀵艰嚧浣犵殑OEE姘村钩闄嶄綆锛岄偅涔堜綘灏卞簲璇ユ妸鐩厜鏀惧湪鍜屽畠浠湁鍏崇殑闂鐐逛笂銆傚湪琛ㄤ竴涓紝鎴戜滑鍙垪涓句簡涓?簺浜嬩欢鍘熷洜锛屽湪瀹為檯搴旂敤涓畠鍙互鍖呮嫭鍜岀敓浜ф湁鍏崇殑浠讳綍鍘熷洜銆?br />
聽聽聽 涓栫晫鑼冨洿鐨勭爺绌惰〃鏄庯紝鐩墠鍒堕?涓氱殑骞冲潎OEE涓?0%.鍏ㄧ悆宸ヤ笟鐨凮EE骞冲潎娓存湜鍊煎簲璇ヤ负85%锛堜笘鐣岀骇OEE鎸囨暟锛夋垨鑰呮洿楂樸? Clearly, there are many current OEE index can increase the scope, especially in our country.

4, OEE Role

Practice shows that OEE is an excellent reference tool OEE model through the various sub-item analysis, it clearly tells you exactly how efficient equipment, which links in the production of the number of losses, and you can make those improvements. Long-term use of OEE tool, companies can easily find the impact of productivity bottlenecks and to improve and track. To achieve the purpose of improving production efficiency, while enabling the company to avoid unnecessary cost.

聽聽聽 5銆丱EE鏁版嵁閲囬泦鏂规硶

OEE's calculation is simple, but in practical applications, as with the frequency, staff, equipment, products and other production elements together, they become very complex, using artificial data collection appears to trouble trouble OEE calculation, in order to more effectively The use of this tool OEE, OEE data collection of information increasingly become a topic of concern, OEE IMPACT is the world's best OEE system that has automated data acquisition module, you can easily obtain information about the production of equipment for the OEE provide the most valuable data, the system can also generate real-time production information reports, including failure downtime, OEE and other information and the products. Through these valuable data, the management company will no doubt become easier and simple. The system has many well-known companies in the world and is widely used, such as Peugeot, Ya-Lan Dai Shi Eaton auto parts and other cosmetics.

聽聽聽 [1] Robert C. Hansen. OVERALL EQUIPMENT EFFECTIVRNESS .New York, New York: Industrial Press,2002.


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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Zha Yufeng: build "long flight" back pillar

People staying at home and IP video phone main house, called a reliable, clear and smooth images and language, realistic effects of television viewing. Movies on demand, online education, online doctor, video phones, online games and other content, will depend on FTTH technology. It is understood that fiber to the home known as the "last mile", a distinctive feature is its capacity not only to provide greater bandwidth, but also enhances network data format, speed, wavelength and protocol transparency, relaxed environment and supply and other requirements, simplify installation and use of maintenance, is truly the "information superhighway." The Yangtze Optical Fiber and Fiber Company as a national large-scale manufacturing enterprises, is the pioneer of this highway.

Zha Yufeng as Yangtze Optical Fiber and the company's CIO, this is a research unit of the researchers, from 1999 to its director since joining the long flight engineer, has been committed to a long flight information system building. From a research worker to a chemical on the change of information, he was deeply grateful. Yangtze Optical Fibre service in 8 years, he hopes to better by information technology services for enterprises, the development of structures for the long flight back from the solid support.

Turning to the development of a long history of flight information, check Yufeng admitted: "long-flying business information company has been very great importance, from the plant beginning in 1988 on the introduction of management information systems. And later on its own development a lot of software. and in the information technology industry has been in the forefront. such an atmosphere, so that IT departments will have access to top consulting firms, first-class software, services and the latest and proven technologies and concepts. from, I have benefited. "

Reporter: judge a CIO success criteria? Whether you are at work to do in accordance with this standard? You think make a successful CIO's biggest challenge? Technical background or a breakthrough idea?

Zha Yufeng: on the one hand, CIO is also the service business, business success is its value. The enterprises in the different stages have different concerns, CIO should focus its efforts to help companies achieve their goals. This of course is the CIO should follow the standards, I also do.

In addition, CIO this post requires a higher overall quality. IT involved in a wide range of knowledge, CIO should have a good understanding of the technology, so they requested CIO to continue learning, to accurately grasp the enterprise IT architecture and development. CIO or a management position, to build a good IT team, which included business services, employees, customers, suppliers, etc., have good communication skills. So, I think the biggest CIO challenge is that the overall quality. Meanwhile, "breaking" the word is very interesting, I understand "breakthrough" First is to have inherited, be the fulcrum; second to make it clear where the front.

Most importantly, a CIO must understand that he is a comprehensive job, rather than purely technical posts. Clients because of its universality, must have global vision requirements CIO.

Reporter: Are you the information on this industry, the construction of the universal understanding of what? Level of development? What kind of features?

Zha Yufeng: The information technology industry has its universality and particularity. Generally speaking, we are willing to use sophisticated business software. Such as the ERP system we have chosen is the ORACLE products, but plant management, have their particularities. A general workshop information, including information on three aspects: production information, processes and equipment information and quality information. During this time, the most special quality information management, intelligent tester, data acquisition, process control and networking technologies such as integrated application of quality control, in this regard has been taking a long flight in the world. Second, the technology and equipment management, through process control and device control of the integration, optimization of production. Fiber industry has entered a low-profit era, the market competition. Finally, the fiber yield greater development. In new product technology development, production technology and production management, greater intensity.

Reporter: At present, Yangtze Optical Fiber in the use of means of information production or other work which the actual results? Made what success?

Zha Yufeng: long fly this year's changes in information technology are very large. Building from the network for more than the past, independent platform into a Gigabit backbone, 100M swap network platforms to the desktop; the number of users on the Internet from a dozen to more than 100 user development, the establishment of the VPN network; from the business coverage of speaking, from the past to use their own application software developed by a number of product data management, development to all aspects of business management software are used to manage; this five-year implementation of the project are: network construction, ERP , mail systems, document management systems, optical fiber / cable manufacturing information systems and information security building.

Size of the business to expand, market competition and cost control and lean production requirements, information systems do not support is inconceivable. With information systems, timely delivery rate has been improved, inventory reduction, the market response capacity to enhance work efficiency and so on, these are the benefits of information technology.

Reporter: Yangtze Optical Fibre of information technology has experienced several stages, how to implement it?

Zha Yufeng: enterprise information is the step-wise, long-flying company is no exception. Long Fei's information that can be divided into several stages: stage part of the business information: including inventory management, financial information management, information management workshop. Stage large-scale applications include: supply chain information management, office automation and automated warehouse. The third stage is the interconnection of information systems interoperability. Including information system integration, automation control, and enterprise portal development.

Reporter: How do you think the company should establish its own information system? Will face any difficulties? How to overcome these difficulties? Are you in favor of the information systems outsourcing practice.

Zha Yufeng: In accordance with the needs of business and information systems planning is the establishment of enterprise information system, a basic principle. Encounter at different stages of different difficulty. Long flight number of the company's relatively small IT staff, business is very large. We have taken some of the outsourcing approach to solve this problem. I am not against information systems outsourcing, but also willing to use public resources as part of enterprise information. But opposition to business-critical conditions are not ripe when outsourcing and outsourcing. Professional by a professional company to do things is to improve the quality of service, can not be achieved this objective in outsourcing is not appropriate. Business-critical enterprise should master in their own hands, this is the core of knowledge.

Reporter: fiber optic industry, business management and industrial development which features? You can combine Yangtze Optical Fiber and the information technology, analysis of the optical fiber industry, the characteristics of information technology?

Zha Yufeng: fiber industry compared with other industries in information technology for management services is the same. From the product characteristics, the fiber optic industry is different, one optical fiber and long service life, technical specifications and more, data retention time is long; Second, the data collected from the test and get a special instrument; Third, individual requirements cables clear ; Finally, to improve the material utilization.

Reporter: Would you please review the information you are engaged in construction work among the greatest resistance encountered what, how is your solution. Yangtze Optical Fibre and for the future of information technology, you have no new ideas and thoughts?

Zha Yufeng: First, enterprises need to determine the direction of information technology. No matter how much you have to consider input, there must be output. Second, the information is a gradual process, is a maturing process. Information needs of itself in the gradual changing.

Information systems are phased growth. "Development - Adjustment - further development - and then adjust" is a basic rule. Recalling the previous system, they will find that the system has many deficiencies. We have to consider the early construction of the system were as considerate of some, to avoid these problems; the other hand, faced with insufficient time to adjust or add to. Software vendors of software, is a collection of shared knowledge of many enterprises a platform, it brings you the advanced management ideas and management tools, while not fully representative of your business. So even if commercial software, enterprises need according to their own needs and characteristics of the systems review, make the appropriate changes. Can be said that enterprise information is an autonomous process of implementation and their own growth.

Reporter: Yangtze Optical Fibre-based building information, what kind of planning? Also need to focus on the implementation of which projects or to solve what problem? For Yangtze Optical Fiber and the future of information technology planning and preparation you have what views?

Zha Yufeng: a long fly three to five years of planning, is based on the need to do a long flight. Companies need a stable, reliable and high-speed systems. As alluded to above information is a gradual process, basic work is very important to have a more solid foundation is possible on to a new level.

Long flight information company attaches great importance to the building, from top to bottom has such an atmosphere. So, carry out the work is still relatively smooth. How to build the future information system problems, we now have some new ideas, information systems are also being revised and long-term planning.

Reporter: Can you look at objective evaluation, information technology companies for the development of Yangtze Optical Fiber and played what role, what for, what shortage?

Zha Yufeng: the former is the latter service. Information into the development of a long flight to play the support role. Information played a back support, without information support, there can be such a scale now.

Related links:

Optical Fiber and Cable Co., Ltd. in 1988, former Chinese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Wuhan municipal government and the Netherlands, Philips joint venture built by a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Telecom Group, China Huaneng letter of Posts and Telecommunications Economic Development Center, Wuhan Yangtze Communication Industry Draka Communications Technology Group Co., Ltd. and co-operation is the most complete product specifications in China today, the most advanced production technology, production of the largest optical fiber and cable manufacturing and research and development of professional enterprise. The company is located in Wuhan Guanshan Road on the 4th, located in the scenic East Lake Hi-tech Development Zone, covers an area of 140,000 square meters.

The company has a modern plant and equipment, using advanced fiber-optic cable production technology and modern management methods. In 1993 the first manufacturing industry in communications gained international standard ISO 9002 series of international quality system certification. In 2002, the long-flying company will convert the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 edition international standards. In 2004 it was certified ISO 14001 environmental management.

Since 1992, flying the company's older products are used in Chinese optical fiber and cable communication cable network since the optical fiber and cable products have been all over the country, and marketing the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, South Africa, Europe and the Middle East than a dozen countries and regions, serving the post office, railroad, electricity, radio and television, aerospace, petrochemical, transportation, defense, education and other industries.

After several rounds of expansion and fiber-optic cable expansion, optical fiber and cable, respectively, the annual production capacity of 15 million kilometers and 150,000 kilometers long skin. Expanding the production scale in the same time increase the capital intensity of operations, have invested in China set up the Optical Fiber and Cable (Shanghai) Company, Yangtze Optical Fiber and Cable (Jiangsu), holding company of Guangdong Shantou Ocean satellite cable. Around a core competitive advantages of optical products in a huge industrial chain, not only to optimization of product variety and production capacity, and grouping operations, reduce costs and enhance the Group's overall competitiveness.

Facing the various market opportunities and challenges, long flight will continue to be customer-centric, technology-oriented research and development efforts continue to strengthen and optimize the product structure, strict quality control to maintain sustained and steady development, to provide more and better products for the global telecommunications industry to make greater contributions to the development.

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