Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mr. Chen will be back in the more terrible

Shanda chairman Chen Tianqiao since May 2005 after nearly closed door not, very few public appearances. There were rumors of its grasp of the founding of advance and retreat of the Road, go. Year and a half grand to sell 370 million shares of Sina shares; then Mr. Chen said that Shanda has a high profile in a longer period of growth starting point. Signal that Mr. Chen ready to go more than a year now, "yearn to break out."

Shanda's 2007 critical: the main indicators of the sustainability of growth? Can long-term income slump along with share prices soaring? The planned new product can open up the market? Accordingly, an aggressive, high-profile "aggressive" and Mr. Chen will "resurrection"?

I recently with a think-tank said to be former members of Mr. Chen's "The skilled," recalled a grand history, popular its inspiration. "The skilled," concluded Mr. Chen had three moves, the greatest impact in the industry, and known as the "Three":

First enter, Chen upstream, in the "Legends 2" is the only big product, the upstream side ACTOZ branded Korean copyright lawsuit. This case is a dozen years. Mr. Chen's evaluation on the move: "The fate of the company with new game the whole industry to face high agency problem." Later, he bought ACTOZ by the end of a copyright dispute, is the first into the continuity.

Second into, Chen Jun Tang, president of direct recruitment to the originator company, the introduction of professional managers in succession, for the grand integration of the family business into the international management capacity. Mr. Chen to pay high salaries and employment at stake, "cut" from the people without mercy, there was more than a grand executives a few years, "Ebb Tide."

The third into the most attention. Shanda acquired 19.5% shares of Sina, the media, anti-boiled speculation profit days, Chen pocketed the eye. Things in the past two years, is still dense fog.

However, since last year, Chen began to consciously retreat. Corresponds to the "Three", he has "three out":

A retreat, Chen online game business model change, suddenly announced the entire line game "free." Mr. Chen compared to this, first dry the mud pond dig exposure, then the source of the introduction of new, seeking long-term development. This retreat, Shanda games much, after three quarters, before gradually returning to the peak level.

2 back, is he to minimize external contact with the company, concentrated internal management. Over the past year, Chen strengthen internal management and training, and training system known as the "Shengda Jun School" The aim is to "Young Guard."

3 withdrawal, the withdrawal is Sina. Cause for the lifting of convertible bonds to worry about, Chen sold part of the Sina shares, units with cash, but also activate the impasse between with Sina, Sina, he broadened the question of "imagination."

The "The skilled," said the three returned, the first retreat was the most thorough. Mr. Chen himself hit the bottom, and then a strong rebound; second retreat should end soon; the third withdrawal, the most incomplete, Chen revealed that he actually is in "no more out" of the status quo.

"The skilled," if completed, the author has been secretly scared: Three bold, Chen fame, but they were outsiders, "then shame very strong," "will fall" of speculation; three back is keeping a low profile, Chen was strategic change, but no judgments on Mr. Chen's no focus on the place! Mr. Chen's first two back has paid off, still remain the third withdrawal suspense. Tiger flutter people before, will have squatting. May we never see a high profile of Mr. Chen, but the return of Mr. Chen will become even more frightening.

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